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Waterwise Landscapes

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Creating a safer, greener and more sustainable WA

Waterwise Landscapes 

Water Corporation has been working with The Forever Project for over 20 years to deliver community education workshops and events designed to inspire and empower the WA community towards Waterwise behaviour, using innovative and engaging techniques.


This innovative initiative aims to inspire and empower individuals to craft their own Waterwise landscapes, adapting to the impacts of climate change. Through partnerships with Water Corporation and Local Governments, The Forever Project will install a suite of vibrant Waterwise Landscapes in high-profile yet barren urban settings, turning them into focal points of inspiration.​

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Blank Canvas 

Urban • Biophilic • Designs


A fusion of entertainment and environmental education showing audiences how to transform even the most degraded spaces and the vital role of trees in the urban setting.

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Healing • Urban • Spaces


Our new innovative program revitalizes forgotten urban spaces using ecological design. Working with local people, we collectively foster a sense of place, community, and a connection to nature.

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