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Designing • Resilient • Farms

Caring for The Land

Australia’s biggest and most successful program specifically targeting small to medium farmers helping them create beautiful, productive, sustainable and resilient landscapes. 


Australia’s biggest and most successful program specifically targeting small to medium farmers, seen by over 18,000 landholders since 1993, this workshop is the perfect way to help people new to or well established on the land. We have worked with councils and estate agencies across the state to inspire and empower landholders to create beautiful, productive and sustainable rural landscapes.

 Standard Workshop 


 3 Hour Workshop 

A spin off from the original, an event that recognises clients who want to self-market, have a restricted budget and have skills in marketing. All the bang of the full event at a reduced price!

 Basic Workshop 


1 Hour Workshop

Our most intensive program that delivers real and lasting success to people on small to medium farms, this one-day course in jam packed with strategies to help people create a long term plan to produce a safe, sustainable and productive landscape.

 Property Planning Course 

Man in Farm

 Full-Day Event 

Meeting the growing demand for specialist advice on protecting and enhancing bushland and native plantings on urban and rural properties, this event brings together celebrated WA ecologists and revegetation experts to bring an in-depth focus on getting the best out of your bushland.
Whether on private or public land this innovative new offering will help balance the needs for biodiversity management, weeds, disease, fuel loads and habitat recovery. A must for anyone concerned about ‘bringing back the bush’.

 Bringing Back the Bush 


 3 Hour Workshop

 The Book Chris Wrote

Book Cover.PNG

A Place in the Country

Foreword by Sabrina Hahn and written by Chris Ferreira

A Guide to Creating your Patch of Rural Paradice

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