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Growing up on a riding school, I watched as our horses slowly destroyed the land that I loved. It etched into my psyche that our health, wealth and happiness is profoundly linked to the quality of the spaces and places in which we live.  That experience became the catalyst for my passion to heal the land and after studying land restoration at ANU, my beloved farm became my ‘classroom and teacher’. Over the next 12 years, I honed my skills and resurrected the landscape. I began getting asked to teach what I had learnt which became the basis of Heavenly Hectares - our first award-winning program.


I began to realize that we are in a time of unprecedented change and this change is impacting every aspect of our lives, not always for the best and often leaving people feeling powerless and hopeless. I began to see my role was to inspire, empower and change and that change, when well directed, can usher in resilience and become a powerful agent for healthier landscapes, communities and lives.


In nearly 30 years the business has evolved to become The Forever Project - one of Australia’s most innovative and successful sustainability and behaviour change businesses. Our team - which includes some of this country's most innovative and passionate professionals - has taught over 135,000 people across Australia in all aspects of sustainability and continues to strive, always looking for ways to more effectively engage with and empower the people of Australia, meshing the aspirations of humanity with excellence in planetary and community stewardship.

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Multi-award-winning Business

TFP is a multi-award winning business built on the vision of its founder and Managing Director Chris Ferreira. Chris and his passionate team of environmental, building, design and consultancy professionals have delivered world class projects and services across WA and Australia. TFP seeks to exceed best practice in any venture and push the boundaries of current thinking as we strive for sustainability and resilience excellence. We develop life long partnerships with our clients, focusing on the effective blending of environmental, social and economic benefits to foster outstanding outcomes to business and community.  

We have built an outstanding reputation through our ability to effectively change behaviours in the target audiences of our clients. Our unique, tailored and innovative educational and consultancy programs cut through and profoundly change the way audiences feel about and interact with their environment and surrounds. As a result  TFP has been at the forefront of environmental education having trained over 135,000 people over the past 30 years and our built environment and landscaping projects have seen collaborations and partnerships that span across a broad range of industries and government and have lead to the regeneration and revival of communities.

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