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Our passionate team of environmental consultancy, design and education professionals have delivered world-class projects and services across WA and Australia. We have sustainability expertise in a range of areas and offer services in the fields of built form, education and landscapes. 


TFP seeks to exceed best practice in any venture and push the boundaries of current thinking as we strive for sustainability and resilience excellence. We develop lifelong partnerships with our clients, focusing on the effective blending of environmental, social and economic benefits to foster outstanding outcomes to business and community.  

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Working with some of WA's leading experts we are designing and creating world-class examples of development that meet the myriad challenges of the 21st century.

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Honed over 25 years, our unique and innovative education programs have unmatched effectiveness in helping to bring about the changes we need in our civilization moving forward.

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With decades of experience, we are designing and creating urban and rural landscapes that respond to modern sustainability challenges and offer holistic and effective solutions.

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