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Gourmet Meal
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The Menu

Our renowned Food Theatre events celebrate the hedonism of food, showing us that food is only as good as the way it is grown, and that healthy food plays a vital role in creating healthy and happy communities.


Recipes Here! 


These ground-breaking ticketed events see guests dining on a fabulous multi-course gourmet meal while they are entertained and educated by our celebrity chef and garden media celebrities. Fancy Food Theatre’ is a new and exciting performance that stretches the traditional culinary performance and blends it with humour, powerful information and a dining experience that will never be forgotten.


 Ticketed Event 

 Fancy Food Theatre 

Designed to capture and engage a transient audience and perfectly suited for field days, festivals and expos; this popular event has been run in partnership with The Brunswick Ag Show, Bupa, City of Perth, Cambridge St Festival, Rottnest Carnivale and Araluen’s Chilli and Avocardo Festival.



 Street Food Theatre 

We explore the importance of plant nutrition for human health and wellbeing. This is all delivered against the ‘backdrop’ of the City’s impoverished soils and provides ‘how to’ recipes to fix this condition for food growing in their own back yard! Participants will get up close and personal with the Chef, learning how to prepare Kefir, Kimchi, vinegars, stock, and will take home their own bottled vegetables. Topics such as growing, preserving, reusing will be discussed as ways to reduce household green waste.


 Best in the Business 

Eco-Retrofit: Home food-growing and preservation

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