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Watering the Garden


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Lets Grow

The award winning Great Gardens program has been designed to show you how to create beautiful productive sustainable gardens through workshop and events that cover topics such as growing food, composting and native gardens.

WaterWise Fact Sheets

Cream Minimalist Roadmap Healthy Lifestyle Tips Infographic (210 x 290 mm) (A4 Document) (


A program perfectly designed for those new to, or having an interest in growing a beautiful productive garden - a favourite for councils and developers across the state. We can help you with waterwise gardening, mulching & garden waste, creating the ’natural air conditioner’, soil improvement, and so much more! 3 hour workshop.

WaterWise Workshops 

Gardening Tools

 3 Hour Workshop 

The skills and experience of the Great Gardens team can come to your very own lunch room! Designed to deliver our fast, punchy and empowering message to those of your staff interested in living a happier and sustainable life.

 Luchbox Sessions 

Audience and Lecturer

1 Hour Workshop 

Whether you are suburbs or city you can grow delicious, healthy and organic food at home. This unique ‘get your hands dirty event promises fun and inspiration from some of WA’s leading organic food growing experts.
Participants will get the latest advice on composting and growing delicious, nutrient dense organic veggies, rejuvenating veggie beds, easy microgreens, making microbial brews and effective organic Pest and Weed Management.


Hands-on Bonus: During the workshop participants will make and take home their own sensational Vegie Grow bag complete with a suite of organic growing products.

 Growing Great Vegies & Herbs 


 3 Hour 'hands on' Workshop 

No matter where you are, this fabulous event will give participants all the latest on getting the best out of their fruit trees. Packed with hands-on tips and powerful information from some of WAs leading organic food growing experts this is a must for the aspiring fruit tree grower. 

Participants will get the latest advice on the best fruit tree varieties for their region, pruning, shaping, grafting, soil health, the fine art of espalier, growing fruit trees in containers and organic Pest and Weed Management.


Hands-on Bonus: 

Participants will practice the techniques of budding and grafting and will take home a suite of organic growing products.

 Growing Great Fruit 


 3 Hour Event

The secrets of composting, works and chooks:

Hugely popular, this event will showcase "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" in action, featuring the latest about home composting and how to resurrect your tired heap. The secrets and benefits of worm farms and keeping chickens and ducks is a must for all those who wish to reduce their waste footprint. There will be new sessions on creating your own microbial brews, and 'compost teas'.

Muck in with our hands-on session and go home with a suite of samples to get your compost pile humming.

 Green Waste into 'Black Gold' 


 3 Hour 'Hands on' Workshop

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