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Sustainable HOMES

Durable • Adaptive • Green

For the future

​This program has been designed to meet the Challenge of Building and Retrofitting Homes to make them Energy-Efficient, Sustainable and to meet the Challenges of the 21st Century.


These events are designed for those who have already attended sustainability workshops and are wanting to take this journey further and excel. The Masterclass includes: specialist advice from WAs leading experts; one on one home and garden design advice plus an intimate tour of the Hami Hill Sustainable Home. Topics include bee keeping, small scale productive orchards, chook scaping, edible gardens, soil improvement, composting, passive solar landscape design, eco-retrofit, renovation and aquaculture.


 Sustainable Living Masterclass 

 4 Hour Event 

Perfectly designed for students and new investors or those wanting to retrofit. Minimum numbers are required for private tours, include morning or afternoon tea, a lively Q & A session, sustainable home and gardening samples and giveaways.


 Hami Hill House Tours 

1 Hour Tour

There continues to be a strong demand in the community for high quality information to help households and businesses design and reshape to make their premises more energy-efficient and resilient in WA’s tough 21st Century climate. Focus will be on the latest energy efficiency gadgets and techniques, passive solar landscaping, building design and renewable energy systems. With a team of leading experts in a wide variety of fields, this course is a must for anyone in the community keen to improve the efficiency and workability of their built premises.

Solar Panel

Eco-Retrofit: Energy Smart Homes

 3-1 Hour Event 

Smart homes are naturally cool in summer and warm in winter’. Learn how to slash your power bills, make your home comfortable all year round and the secrets of creating a beautiful garden to reduce the impacts of our tough climate on your home. This unique, hands on event will be jam packed with all the latest ideas, techniques, gadgets and contacts to make your home truly energy-efficient and sustainable. This workshop is designed to empower participants - unlocking the secrets of energy-efficient homes, water-saving devices, greywater systems plus the latest information on electric cars and affordable eco-friendly building products. With a team of leading experts in a wide variety of fields, this course is a must for anyone in the community keen to improve their living environment and save money.


 Eco-Retrofit: Home & Garden 

 3 Hour Event

Part workshop part product and service discovery this event allows audiences to learn about and then see in action the latest advances in all aspects of healthy, energy smart and sustainable living. Perfect as a product to bring in new residents to the world of energy efficiency, this can be run as a stand alone event or as part of a bigger festival.


 Sustainable Living Expo 

 Flexible Duration 

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