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The Peartree Cafe

The eco-placemaking project which helped to transform a degraded street corner into one of Hamilton Hill's suburban treasures.

This area was once a barren and unused street corner in Hamilton Hill outside a friendly local café. The space had potential — it was a degraded site with low ecological value, and a strong local community gave it the opportunity to be actively used and loved.

The space is now a strong part of the identity of the Peartree Café, with abstract artwork of the project merged with the Peartree identity on their staff T-shirts. The project acts as a beautiful backdrop and outdoor seating space, a place for learning about sustainability, and transforms into a performance space for local bands each week.

This is our first eco-placemaking project that includes a 1-year-on impact assessment. The evaluation
provides us with direct evidence for the many benefits of eco-placemaking and the impact the project has had on the local community. Check out the impact assessment at

Project Gallery

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